Angle transmitters

  • Heavy Duty Designs

  • >20 years approved quality & reliability

  • Various depths & signal outputs


Various models are available from stock depending on your application. From heavy duty (oilfilled) deepwater up to lightweight splashproof versions are available as standard design.
Output signals as 4-20mA, CANbus & PROFIbus are available. Connection can be made by various connectors or gland type.



Heavy duty stainless steel transmitter for subsea use up to 2500 msw.


Compact Heavy Duty Submersible Angle Transmitter fitted with high accurate Multi-turn programmable sensor.


Compact Submersible Angle Transmitter Stainless steel angle transmitter designed for waterdepths up to 100msw (air filled) or 2500msw (oil filled).


Ultra Compact Angle Transmitters for subsea machines with limited space


All kind of custom designed Angle Transmitters made over the years. If you require a special unit, please contact us!!

Subsea angle transmitter

Our subsea angle transmitter sensors are all designed to measure your angle of rotation and position of your equipment in subsea harsh environments. From dredging pipes, ROVs and backhoes all rotating parts can be monitored by Seatec Angle transmitters sensors up to 3000m waterdepth.

Types of submersible angle transmitters

Our submersible angle transmitters are available in many models from stock, depending on your application. From heavy duty (oil filled) deepwater transmitters up to lightweight splashproof versions are available as standard design. Our submersible angle transmitters are available with an (programmable) analogue 4-20 mA transmitter for both single and multi-turn applications or with digital absolute encoder in both Profibus and CANopen output. A wide variety of standard connectors is available or with Seatec cable gland. For deepwater application the angle transmitters are available in oil filled version.

Underwater angle transmitters and other subsea equipment

In addition to underwater angle transmitters, Seatec Subsea Systems B.V. provides a wide range of technical solutions and services worldwide. We supply to clients in Dredging Industry, On-and Offshore Industry, Diving companies and Survey Departments. Having carried out several technically advanced projects throughout the years, as well as having developed highly specialized products, Seatec can be called a specialist in the design and development of high-tech (subsea) equipment. We offer a wide range of standard products as well as multidisciplinary services, such as Hydraulical, Mechanical, Electr(on)ical and Software Design & Engineering. With the available disciplines and technology Seatec is able to deliver custom built and tailor made systems. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us directly.