Electrical winch

Seatec Subsea Systems B.V. is providing worldwide technical solutions and services to clients in On-and Offshore Industry, Dredging Industry, Survey Departments and Diving companies. With the execution of technical advanced projects throughout the years and special product development, Seatec has gained a unique expertise in design and manufacturing of high-tech (underwater) equipment.

We provide technical solutions for on- and offshore industry, dredging industry, survey departments and diving companies.

A range of standard products is available as well as multidisciplinary services like:

  • Mechanical / Hydraulical / Electr(on)ical / Software Design and Engineering
  • Pressure Testing and Calibration
  • Maintenance and Offshore support

With the available disciplines and technology Seatec is able to deliver custom built and tailor made systems. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us directly.