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Subsea connectors

Subsea connectors are used for a large range of different electrical connections. From ROV, Diving, Survey as well as Oceanographic application every single device requires an electrical connection to be operated and controlled. Complete connector system solutions for harsh offshore environments serving the global oil and gas industry.

Types of underwater connectors

Seacon connector series offer a wide range of over 2500 different submersible connectors. It includes electrical dry-mate, optical hybrid dry-mate, electrical underwater mateable, electrical wet-mate, optical underwater mateable connectors, downhole, field installable, underwater switches, penetrators, and specialty products.

For example, dry-mate connectors of SEACON are connected in air, leaving the mating connectors dry and sealed from the environment. After these connectors are properly connected, the subsea connector can be submerged to its nominal depth. Dry-mate underwater connectors are available in many different types.

Wet-pluggable connectors are connected in wet conditions. Their pins do not need to be dried before connecting. Due to the design, water on these connector pins is squeezed out when the subsea connector is connected. Though, these connectors should not be connected while submerged. Wet-pluggable connectors have a non-conducting guide pin to facilitate pin alignment and require less force to connect. This makes them easier to be connected reliably especially in cold or dark circumstances, compared to other submersible connectors. Wet-pluggable connectors should be lubricated thoroughly and need good care during use.

SEACON submersible connectors

Seatec is exclusive dealer for the whole range of SEACON underwater connectors. Seatec always has a large stock of these products available. We sell submersible connectors and cabling both separately as well as combined as moulded cable assembly. In the latter case, we make your connection watertight thanks to our inhouse moulding shop.