Oil filled Submersible housings

  • various connector options

  • Optional transaparant cover

  • Stainless 316L housing

Oil filled subsea housings

An oil filled subsea housing or junctionbox is a watertight enclosure that connects electrical equipment. Fitted with a number of electrical connectors it can route various cabling to each other or to dedicated equipment like sensors and motors. Mainly for deepwater application, the box is designed in oil filled version to keep water out and also to reduce weight. Due to oil pressure compensation the housing can be less robust thus lighter.

Types of Oil filled submersible housings

Seatec offers different types of oil filled submersible housings. We offer special made oil filled submersible housings for ROV control systems as well as deepwater applications. However, we also have special made oil filled housing for subsea camera and light systems control available. If you are looking for custom made boxes, please send us a request.

Oil filled underwater housings and other subsea equipment

Besides oil filled underwater housings, Seatec Subsea Systems B.V offers other subsea equipment worldwide. We deliver a wide range of technical solutions and services to clients in in on- and offshore industry, diving companies, dredging industry and survey departments. By having realized special product development & technically challenging projects over the years, Seatec can be called a specialist in the design and development of high-tech (subsea) equipment. We have a range of standards products, as well as multidisciplinary services available. These include hydraulical, electr(on)ical, mechanical, and software design & engineering, but also pressure testing and calibration, and maintenance and offshore support. Seatec is able to develop and supply customized systems using the technology and disciplines available. For more information, please contact us at any time.