Aris sonar

  • Acoustic Camera

  • Perfect in zero visibility conditions

  • ROV an Diver option

Aris sonar



Sound Metrics imaging sonars transmit sound pulses and convert the returning echoes into digital images, much like a medical ultrasound sonogram. The advantage is that they can “see” what’s going on through dark or turbid (cloudy) water in zero visibility conditions.


ARIS Explorer

The ARIS Explorer 3000 works in zero visibility and operates in waters from the arctic to the equator. Its the most common tool for UXO identification!

ARIS Voyager

The ARIS VOYAGER 3000 is the deepwaterversion of the ARIS Explorer and rated for 4000m waterdepth. It has a titanium housing, also dual frequency modus and excellent video output in zero visibility waters

ARIS Defender

The ARIS Defender is ideal for Divers conducting hull and berth sweeps, search and recovery and underwater inspection.