Subsea cabling

  • Large cable stock

  • Video, Signal, Power, Ethernet

  • Proven quality

Subsea cabling

We deliver a wide range of underwater cable from stock.
Mainly for sensor as well as video applications these cables are designed to be used in harsh environments.
We also deliver special made umbilicals for each particular offshore installation. For all our products as well as your custom application we deliver dedicated cabling for correct interfacing. All cabling can be supplied with required connector(s) which means the delivery of a complete cable assembly. All cables assemblies can be made inhouse and optional pressure tested. Moulding and termination could be done for single items as well as for complete sets of cabling. If you know what type of cabling you are looking for, please contact Seatec directly.
Standard cables on stock:
– Power cables
– Ethernet cables
– Twisted Pair cables
– Video cables
– Signal cables


Please contact us for datasheets!!