Hydraulic Hotstabs

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Bluelogic Hotstabs

Seatec delivers hydraulic hotstabs in Benelux from Bluelogic Norway.

Hydraulic hotstabs

A hydraulic hotstab is the connection interface between a master and a slave, where the master provides hydraulic oil to the slave. This could be a pump or motor that requires a certain amount of oil and pressure. Delivery comes from surface (e.g. hydraulic powerpack) connected via hoses or via an ROV at serious waterdepths. The connection can be made submerged up to kilometers of depth. Special o-rings and sealing mechanism keeps the oil separated from the water.

Hydraulic hotstabs and hydraulic hotstab panels

Seatec delivers standardized Subsea hydraulic hotstabs and accessories as well as hydraulic hotstab panels. We can design and deliver complete tailor-made hotstab interfaces. We deliver hydraulic hotstabs in Benelux from Bluelogic Norway.

Hydraulic products of Seatec

Seatec Subsea Systems B.V. provides worldwide technical solutions and services to clients in On-and Offshore Industry, Dredging Industry, Survey Departments and Diving companies. Having carried out multiple technically advanced projects, and developed special subsea products over the years, Seatec has acquired a unique expertise the engineering and production of high-tech (underwater) equipment. A range of standard products is available as well as multidisciplinary services like:

  • Pressure Testing and Calibration
  • Offshore support and Maintenance
  • Mechanical, Hydraulical, Electr(on)ical & Software Design and Engineering

Using the disciplines and technology available, Seatec can provide customized and tailor-made systems. For more information, please contact us.