Pump skids

  • Electrical & Hydraulical driven

  • Optional ROV controlled

  • Excellent performance

Pump skids

Through the years Seatec has designed and delivered a wide range of a complete Suction Anchor Pump Systems according to client specific requirements.
From small shallow water skids up to large electrically driven pump systems have been designed and delivered.
A summary of various models is given in this product group.



Deepwater Pumpsystem suitable for horizontal lifts upto 300Tons. System is equipped with inhouse developed battery operated display and logger system for multiple sensors readout.


Ultra modern pumpskids with capacity upto 5bar@300m3/hr. All 12 systems are equipped with latest control software and a multifunctional valvebox for additional controls. Each skid has a redundant pump circuit.


Ultra compact hydraulically driven surface powered Suction Anchor Pump Skid. Equipped with ROV controlled divider station


The Suction Anchor Pump System SAPS-003, consisting of a combined submersible hoisting and pump skid, enables the fixation and release of suction piles down to 3000 meters water depth. The system is hydraulically / ROV operated via hot stabs. The skid is hydro dynamically coupled to a suction pile assembly via the central pipe construction and locked by means of two hydraulically driven latches. Venting can be realized via two hydraulically actuated vent valves. The skid is equipped with (relative) pressure gauges, a bullseye and a battery powered altimeter with local display unit.