Moulding & Termination

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  • Moulding forms for nearly all subsea connectors

Moulding & Termination

Seatec has an inhouse moulding shop equipped with state of the art moulding machine.

Together with a wide range of moulding forms we can do nearly all you cable/connector and cable/cable mouldings.

– connector moulding

– cable moulding

– bendrestrictor moulding

– sensor moulding


We make your connection watertight!!



Moulding & termination of subsea cable and connector

Each subsea cable assembly consists of connector and a length of cable. To get this watertight sealed a very accurate vulcanization process is required. This is called moulding. First termination of the cable to the connector is required, realized by soldering or cable crimps. Then a moulding is required which is the manufacturing process whereby a connector is vulcanized to a cable or a cable to anther cable. Very important to keep all air out thus realized under vacuum. There are various types and shapes of moulding. Subsea cable assemblies are used for a wide variety of electrical connections between sensors, junctionboxes as well as topside control units. Each subsea, sensor, machine or tools has its specific brand and type of connector which needs to be linked to the surface for power and controls.

 Seatec’s inhouse moulding shop

Seatec is dealer for premium subsea cables as well as Seacon connectors. We always have a large amount of products in stock. Seatec sells submersible cabling and connectors both separately as well as combined to a complete assembly. With our state of the art moulding machine we are capable to produce inhouse watertight mouldings against very short leadtimes and highest available quality. Mouldings and terminations could be done for complete sets of cabling as well as for single items. Together with a wide range of moulding forms we can do nearly all you cable/connector and cable/cable mouldings:

  • Connector moulding
  • Cable moulding
  • Bendrestrictor moulding
  • Sensor moulding

With our various inhouse pressure tanks we can do pressure testing if required.