Subsea Valvepack

Subsea Valvepack

Seatec designs and delivers various customized valvepacks for subsea use.

Subsea valvepack

Each hydraulic system consists of various components like valves and cylinders. In a subsea installation the hydraulic pressure is generated by a HPU and controlled by a subsea valvepack. Underwater valvepacks can be supplied with various solenoid or servo valves to operate a large range of hydraulic functions. With direct connection to a powerpack or connected via addressable electronic PCB it can be integrated in nearly all Subsea control systems as well as ROV systems.

Types of subsea valvepacks

Seatec designs and delivers various customized valvepacks for subsea use. We provide a wide range of subsea valve packs for all kinds of subsea hydraulic control applications. From systems with a large capacity to small control units; we can deliver submersible valvepacks in a large variety of configurations. Our subsea valvepacks have a built-in control board offering power supply and communication to the surface. They are robust and compact and can be mounted on any complex subsea systems that require hydraulic control.

Engineering and development of high-tech subsea equipment

Seatec Subsea Systems B.V. is providing worldwide technical solutions and services to clients in On-and Offshore Industry, Dredging Industry, Survey Departments and Diving companies. With the execution of technical advanced projects throughout the years and special product development, Seatec has gained a unique expertise in design and manufacturing of high-tech (underwater) equipment. We offer a wide range of standard products as well as multidisciplinary services, such as Hydraulical, Mechanical, Electr(on)ical and Software Design & Engineering. Using the disciplines and technology available, Seatec can design and deliver tailor-made systems. Contact us for more information.