Subsea tools

From small grabbers up to complete adaption of topside equipment to be used subsea is something Seatec is specialized in.
This folder consist of an overview from products we have made recently.

Product sheet (PDF)
Pipe Inspection Scanner Tool
Hydraulic driven tool to clamp into submersible vertical pipes upto 2.5mtr diameter. It can be fitted with various tools such as laser scanner, camera, cutting tool, etc. Operated from hydraulic powerpack and can be adjusted to various sizes.
Mechanical grabber
This hydraulic controlled cable grabber was designed and manufactured for the recovery of heavy steel plates and wires.
Remote Sampler
Redesigned Remote Controlled Sampler Unit. The standard sampler is converted and equipped with: - Integrated Subsea Airbottle including Electronics and Pneumatics - Pitch&Roll as well as Altitude automation - Quick release system - Survey string input - Dedicated control software - Remote Controlled Winch System
Custom designed loadsensor with cable inline connection. The accurate integrated sensor can be used for (CT)winch control by 4-20mA feedback signal. Unit is made of 316L and can be adapted for various loads by correct spring selection.
Subsea lifting magnet
Hydraulically actuated lifting magnet for ROV use. Various lifting capacities are available on request.
Subsea saw system
Special designed saw-system to be used for subsea operations. The installation was particularly designed for adaption and modification of a heavy duty steel structure. The complete system was hydraulically driven and monitored bij a subsea camera system.
Fitted with two double-bladed propellers in a stainless steel tubular housing the Twinprop is a small powerful jetting tool. By hydraulically rotating the propellers, water is drawn into the Twinprop and forced out of the bottom at high pressure. Experience has proved the efficiency of the Twinprop. Sand, soft clay, small stones / rocks and many other soil types are easily excavated by the large volume of water moved by the propellers. Depending on the soil type, excavation depths up to 3 meters can be reached easily by a single pass.