In the last few months Seatec received a series of orders for various special winch systems.

All are to be used for different applications and customers, but related to the offshore industry.


Quick overview:

-1x Special Subsea Winch system with tensioner system which will be battery operated from the seabed at waterdepth of 300msw

-2x CTD winch systems which will be installed onboard Survey vessels

-2x Sensor winch, fitted with an AML probe, which will be installed on a special installation barge

-1x Hydraulic constant tension winch incl. fibre optic umbilical & termination

-1x Electrical constant tension winch incl. electrical umbilical & termination

-1x CTD winch for 3000mtr waterdepth

Currently all units are in the engineering phase.

Delivery will be in Q3 and Q4 2023