Custom monitoring systems

Our experience in the development and manufacturing of a large variety of Monitoring Systems has given us a substantial expertise on these kind of products. The combination of our high-end standard subsea sensors and our dedicated software packages results in very accurate and rugged monitoring systems.

Product sheet (PDF)
Monitoring system designed for a subsea crane system in order to detect, secure and recover packages from a sunken cargo vessel. Angle transmitters were mounted on the crane to enable the calculation of the special suction tool position via a dedicated proprietary software program.
Special developed software controlled measurement system consisting of 16 pneumatic cylinder mounted in a dedicated array in order to detect movements of subsea-rails and elements with high accuracy.
Motion monitoring system designed for movement detection and indication of a sunken vessel. A whole range of different sensors was installed on the sunken vessel while all signals were sent via a buoy to the topside processing unit by radio.
Wire-angle measurement system fitted with stainless steel subsea angle transmitters in order to monitor the angle of steel armoured umbilical. The combination of excellent bearings used with the mechanical rotating device results in an accurate measuring device.